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Related post: Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 23:40:40 -0700 (PDT)
From: Brew Maxwell
Subject: My First Year with Kevin, Chapter 3Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to real
people or events is purely coincidental. The story contains graphic
descriptions of sex between men, and anyone who is forbidden by law to read
such material must exit the story now. This story is being posted to the
Nifty Archive for the enjoyment of its readers. It may not be posted or
distributed by any other medium without the written permission 13 years porn download of its
author.My other works in the Nifty Archive include Unusual Christmas and Nick's
Adventures, both in bisexual/high school, First 12 year old fuck Mate and Twin Spin in
gay/incest, The Dancer and Call-Boy Journal in gay/encounters, and From
Slave to Houseboy in gay/authoritarian.E-mail comments are always welcome.My First Year with KevinChapter 3 We woke up the next morning around eight o'clock. I heard a noise
like a vacuum cleaner. Kevin said the houseboys always came on Friday and
that's what the noise was.
We had a long, amorous shower that day. Kevin sucked me off, and
then he fucked me standing up in the shower. I came both times, but he
only came inside me. When I asked him about that, he said he liked giving
me pleasure, and, if he didn't come, that was okay.
We dressed and went downstairs. Kevin introduced me to the
houseboys, who turned out the be two very light-skinned black men in their
late twenties or early thirties. Their names were Tyrone and Martin, and
they seemed like really nice guys. Tyrone offered to cook us breakfast,
and we took him up on it. He made scrambled eggs, bacon, and
grits--something I hadn't eaten in years. He joined us at the breakfast
table, but he only drank coffee. Martin was busy somewhere else in the
house. Kevin later told me they were a gay couple that worked as cleaning
men at the law firm at night and picked up extra money cleaning the house
every Tuesday and Friday. They also cooked all of the meals we ate at home
during the week and froze them for our convenience.
Kevin called 14 year teen erotic Dave when we were finished eating. We confirmed our
plans for the weekend, which would evidently start right away. He then
called somebody named Brian, whom I assumed was the caretaker of where we
were going, to let him know we'd be there for the weekend. Kevin and I
packed what we needed, and we headed out by ten o'clock.
It took about an hour to get to where we were going. The place was
deep in the piney woods on the northern side of Lake Pontchartrain, and the
ride there was uneventful. We took Kevin's car, teens 14 years xxx and he drove.
Once there, he showed me around the place. It was a huge
ante-bellum mansion that had once been the main house of a plantation. It
had three 17years teens xxx stories, with enormous rooms and very high ceilings. It was air
conditioned now, but, in the old days, the high ceilings helped keep the
place cool. Out back there was a great pool and a large recreation
pavilion, called the clubhouse, but it was a lot less elegant than its
equivalent in New Orleans. The 18 year old slut house itself was just as nice, though.
The grounds were beautifully maintained.
"That's Brian's doing," Kevin said. "He has a guy he lives with,
and the two of them keep this place in perfect shape. You might not have
noticed, but we passed their house on the way in. We probably won't see
them all weekend, though, unless we need them. Brian's worked here for
about four years, but the other guy is pretty new. Brian's gay, as you
might have guessed, and he tends to switch lovers pretty often."
"How much property do 12year old nudist you guys have here," I asked.
"I think it's about a thousand acres. There's a really nice lake
that's completely ours, and there are three different streams that feed it.
We'll have a chance to explore all of that. seventeen years foto porno By the way, do you like to
"I've never been fishing," I admitted.
"Well, maybe we can get some of that in, too, while we're here.
Hell, there's no reason we can't stay past the weekend, if we want."
Just then Kevin put his hand in his pocket and pulled out teen 14 years
a pager.
It was the smallest one I'd ever seen, and I hadn't noticed him carrying it
before. He looked at it and said Dave was lost.
"That fucker's been here a million times, but we always have to
give him directions." He went to a phone, called Dave's 12 year fucking
cellular number,
and gave him directions. He and Larry got there in less than fifteen
"I love this place, Smythe," Dave said.
"Yeah, I do, too. Let's get your 11 year old kids stuff in the house."
We helped them unload Dave's car. They really didn't have
much--one overnight bag each.
"Y'all sharing," Kevin asked.
Larry grinned, 10 yearsold xxx and Dave just nodded. They put their stuff in a
bedroom with a single queensize bed.
Back downstairs, Kevin asked if they had eaten lunch. They hadn't.
He got out a package of hotdogs, a pack of buns, a can of chili, mustard,
relish--that kind of stuff. He cooked all eight hotdogs in a microwave,
warmed the chili on the stove, and we dug in. The kitchen had a big bowl
of fresh fruit, so we finished the meal with peaches and pears.
"What do you guys want to do," Kevin asked, as we smoked cigarettes
after our meal.
"I want to get naked and just have some fun," Dave said.
"You guys want to ski," he asked.
"Sure," Larry said. Dave agreed, too. I knew he meant water ski,
something porno under 15 years I'd never done.
"I'm leaving my nude girls years foto
13 year nude free
clothes up here," Dave said.
"That's a good idea," Kevin agreed. "Put 'em in your room, though.
Don't leave 'em hanging around down here."
"You sound like my mother, Smythe," Dave said.
"You mean she doesn't let you leave your clothes in the kitchen
when you get buck naked and go out for the afternoon," Kevin came back.
"You're right, Browning, that is pretty bitchy of her."
Larry and I laughed hard at that come-back, as did Dave.
We went upstairs to get undressed. I was again a little nervous
about getting naked in front of these guys for fear I'd get a hard-on.
Kevin sensed my reluctance, but he assured me Dave would be hard in five
minutes. "And, after all, you'll probably have that hard-on up somebody's
butt before too long, anyway." I laughed when he said that and got
Kevin got a black leather pouch out of his overnight bag and put
two fresh packs of 10 yearsold sex
cigarettes, a lighter, a comb, and a set of keys into
it. He put it over his left shoulder, and that made him look even sexier
than usual.
Dave and Larry were waiting for us in the kitchen when we got down
"Whoooa, check these two out," Dave said. "That's a nice,
normal-looking cock on you, Matt." Then, turning to Larry, he said, "But
have you ever seen anything like this?" He grabbed Kevin's foreskin and
started pulling it. He let him play with it for a few seconds before he
said anything. Kevin's cock got a little bigger while Dave was doing that,
and Dave's looked like it put on a little weight, too.
"Get your fucking hands off me, Browning. I'll beat the fucking
shit out of you if you give me a hard-on."
"Don't you mean you'll fuck the shit out of me instead of beating
off 16 year girls xxx
your hard-on," Dave retorted. We all laughed.
I did some checking out of my own, of course. Dave was a couple of
inches taller than Kevin, but otherwise he was built almost exactly like
Kevin--in every way but his cock. Dave's dick barely broke through his
pubic hair, which was pretty lush and abundant. All you could see was the
head, and it wasn't very big. Larry, who was the tallest but who was much
less muscular than the rest of us, wasn't much better endowed, although I
could see an inch or so of shaft. My two and a half inches of soft cock
looked massive compared to those guys, and Kevin's six soft inches looked
enormous. Larry kept looking at Kevin's cock, and, in a minute or so, his
got a little bigger. I realized Larry hadn't yet seen Kevin naked, and I
fully appreciated the guy's surprise and fascination.
Kevin went into a pantry. pussy 12 years old
While he was gone, Larry said something
about an uncut cock like Kevin's really russian young 16 years
turning him on.
"I fuckin' love 'em, man. And he's got the best looking one I've
ever seen. Even in pictures," Dave said. "Wouldn't you like to get your
lips around that thing, Larry?"
"Yeah. As a matter of fact, I would," Larry said.
"You'll probably get a chance," I said, and we all laughed.
Kevin came back with a cooler. He put three six-packs of beer in
it from the refrigerator and covered them with ice. Then he got out a
canvas tote bag and filled it with potato chips, Doritos, a can of mixed
nuts, candy bars, and several pieces of fruit.
"Well, I got what I need," he announced. We laughed. "Let's haul
The four of us piled into Kevin's car and drove 16 years pedo off toward the
lake. When we got there, I was stunned. The lake was huge, and the water
was perfectly clear and a kind of bluish-green. There was a boathouse on
the lake and a dock that must be used for fishing. The area we parked in
was cleared of trees and brush, and it was obvious this was a place they
used often.
The boat was an ordinary speedboat, and Kevin and Dave got the skis
and life preservers and other stuff we needed. Kevin made sure there was
gas in the tank, and, in a matter of minutes, we were off onto the lake.
We decided Larry would go first, and he skied very well. Then Dave
took a teens sex 15years
turn. Finally, I was up.
"You ever do this before," Kevin asked.
"No. I've 14 years gay snow skied, but I've never water skied."
"Well, the two ain't the same. I'll talk you through it."
I got in the water, which was refreshingly cool, and put on the
skis. Kevin explained what to do, and I got up on my first try. It was
really cool to bounce along on the water, and I gave Kevin the sign I
wanted him to go faster. He did, and, for a little while, nude girl 12year at least, I
stayed up. He went into a turn, though, and I went into the water.
Neither Dave nor Larry had worn a life preserver, but Kevin convinced me I
should wear one since this was my first time. I'm glad he did, because I
think I would have had trouble getting to the surface without it. When I
came up, they 16 years russian virgin all cheered.
I got back in the boat, and I noticed Dave's cock was a good bit
bigger than it had been. He saw me notice it.
"I thought for a minute or two fifteen years boy sexy
you were gonna give me a boner,
Matt," he said.
"Everybody gives you a boner," Larry said. He had been pretty
quiet up until then, and his comment made us laugh.
"Everybody but you," Dave said. Again more laughter.
"Yeah, right," Larry said, sarcastically. We laughed again.
Kevin's turn was next, and he skied like a champion. He turned
around and skied backwards for a time, and then he did a flip. I was
"Fuck, he's good," Larry said. "I've been skiing all my life, and
I can't do that shit."
"He's fuckin' showing off for you guys," Dave said, apparently not
impressed. "Watch. I'll dump his ass." Dave was driving the boat, and he
speeded up to at least half again as fast as he had been going. Dave
turned to see his reaction, and 14year girls sex
Kevin gave him the finger. Dave stood up,
grabbed his cock, and jerked it teens 12 years porn
a few times in Kevin's direction. Kevin
was laughing, and Larry and I were, too. Dave took the boat through some
pretty sharp turns, but Kevin stayed up. His cock was distended but not
hard. His foreskin covered the head completely, and it even hung down
below it a little. It bounced around all over the place, and it slapped up
against his side when he did a tight curve. Then Kevin kicked off one of
his skis, and, in a second, he let the other one go, too. He was skiing
barefoot. Then he lowered himself and put his butt in the water and raised
his two feet onto the rope.
"I want to see him get out of that," Dave said. He speeded up a
little more. Kevin skied on his ass for a time. Then, without apparent
effort, he raised himself onto his feet again.
"Well, I'll be goddamned," Dave 16 years sex picture said. "The fucker did it." Dave
slowed the cumshot 14 years boat to a crawl, Kevin let go of the rope and swam to the boat.
"You thought you were gonna dump my ass, didn't 10 years girls xxx you, Babe?
Browning, you can't fucking compete. Face 15 year girls nude
it. I'm the alpha male in this
"Eat me," Dave said in response, and Kevin laughed.
"If you get out of sex pics 12 years
line, I just might," Kevin rejoined.
Kevin got into the boat. He was out of breath, and it was obvious
he was tired.
"I don't know about you fuckers, but I want a beer," he said. Dave
steered the boat to the dock, and we all got out. Kevin's cock was still
fully distended, and it looked monstrous compared to the rest of us. Poor
Larry was mesmerized by it and couldn't keep his eyes off it.
There was a picnic table under a tree, so we took our beers over
there and sat down. I noticed Kevin had his pouch with him, xxx 16 year download
and, in a
minute, he took out a pack of cigarettes, opened it, and lit up. Then he
offered the pack to me and Larry, and we each took one. Dave had smoked a
cigarette after lunch, but Kevin didn't extend the pack to him. Dave
looked longingly at the cigarette pack in Kevin's hand. Then Kevin reached
it to him. Just as Dave was about to grab one, 15 years topless teens Kevin pulled it back.
"Am I gonna have to beat the shit out of you to get a smoke," Dave
asked. Kevin dropped the pack on the table and Dave took one. Kevin
passed the lighter.
"Are you guys always like this with one another," Larry asked.
"What do you mean," Kevin asked, innocently.
"All this joking and fooling around," he said. "Like just nude 15 year teen
"Yeah," they said in unison. Then they both laughed. Dave got up
and kissed Kevin on his forehead. "But we don't mean anything by it," he
said. "That's just the way we've always been. And you fucking love it,
don't you, Smythe."
"Yeah, Browning, I do fucking love it. And so do you."
A look passed between them that let me know they genuinely loved
one another. They were both the quintessence of masculinity, and that was
the way they expressed affection for one another. It was like a set of
identical twins I knew in San Diego. They were constantly bickering and
fighting and arguing, but everybody knew each would die for the other in an
After a second beer and some eats, we decided to ski again. I went
first that time, and I did a respectable job. Larry followed me, and he
dumped trying to turn around, like Kevin had done. Then it was Dave's
turn. He skied beautifully, just as he did before, but, about halfway
through his run, he grabbed his dick, which was also distended, and pissed
off to the side. When it was Kevin's turn, he did japan 17 years porn the same thing, but he
didn't drop his cock, as Dave had done. He started stroking it, and, in a
minute, he was hard.
"Oh, shit. Why didn't I think of that," Dave said.
"What," I asked.
"He's gonna fuckin' jerk off. Just watch."
Our eyes were all on Kevin, and, sure enough, he jerked off. When
he came back into the boat, his cock was still hard, and the 16 years porn galeries
remnants of
his cum were still clinging to his belly and cock.
"You are such a fuckin' animal, man," Dave said in mock disgust.
"I know. And you fuckin' love it. Look at your cock, Browning.
You're rock hard."
Indeed, Larry and I were, too. Needless to say, I had never been
in a situation like that before. I started to get embarrassed, but, I
thought, why should I? Dave pulled the boat to the dock, and we all got
off, hard-ons and all.
We got another round of beers and sat on the ground near the lake.
"This looks like the beginning of a little action, to me," Dave
said. He 12 years porn galleries reached over and took Larry's cock in his hand. Larry was a
little surprised, but he didn't resist. Kevin took mine into his hand,
and, at Kevin's urging, thumb 17year old nonnude
I took Dave's. That left Larry on Kevin. Nobody
was stroking, yet. I liked the feel of Dave's meat, and it was a
respectable five inches, at least, despite how tiny it was when it was
soft. Larry's was about the same size. Only Kevin's was significantly
bigger, at eight inches. Kevin's cock head was fully exposed, so it looked
even bigger than usual.
"On the count of three, everybody start stroking. You stroke on
each count, no more, no less. The first two guys to come have to make
dinner and clean up. Is that fair?" Kevin proposed hot girls 15 years
the rules.
"Well, fuck, no, it's not fair," Dave said. "You just blew your
load ten minutes ago, Smythe. You'll be able to last schoolgirl 12 14 years a lot longer than
anybody else."
"If you don't think it's fair, don't play. But you're not gonna
sit 12 years young porn there and watch us go at, if you're not in."
"Fuck you," Dave free 14years sex said. "I'm in."
Kevin gave the signal and started counting. I had never even
imagined a game like this--if you could really call it a game--and I was
pretty damn excited. In fact, I was the first to shoot. Larry didn't last
much longer than I did, so he and I were the losers.
Larry and I kept stroking Kevin and Dave, at their insistence.
Then Kevin started his chatter.
"God, Dave, you sure are one handsome stud. That dick of yours
looks like something Michaelangelo 17 year old nudes
sculpted. Mine's bigger, we both know
that, but yours is so much hotter and so much prettier to look at. No
wonder every chick fourteen years old dolls that sees you gets wet in her pussy just thinking about
you ramming that piece of meat into her. And look at that clear cum just
gushing out of you. sex boy 11 years
If I was Matt right now, I'd suck that fucker down my
throat and swallow that magnificent slab of manhood all the way down. I'd
stick my cock in you and come like a motherfucker, but I wouldn't stop
there. I get down on my knees and worship your ass, and I'd suck every
drop of my own cum out of your ass."
Dave was breathing really hard, and I could feel his cock getting
larger and harder in my hand.
"You want to come, don't you, Babe. God, I don't blame you. It
feels so fucking good to come with a hot dude like Matt stroking you,
making your balls tighten and wanting to explode. Let me see you shoot.
Let me see you spurt out your cum all over me, way over here."
I could tell Dave was trying his best teens porno 14 years
to control himself, but the
work of my hand and Kevin's hot talk were too much for him. With a huge
groan, he contracted and started pumping. I counted eight spurts, and one
of them did make it as far as Kevin. Dave just kind of slumped down, his
elbows resting on his thighs.
"You can't come, can you," Dave finally said to Kevin.
"Yes, I can. You go 'one-two-three-come.' And I will. Anytime
you're ready. Even if Larry stops."
"Larry, drop his cock," Dave said. In about thirty seconds, he did
the one-two-three-come routine, and Kevin shot a copious load without even
touching himself. From the looks of him, porn 14 year tits
it was a hard orgasm, too.
"Goddamn it, Smythe. You always fucking win. How the fuck do you
do that," Dave demanded.
"It's a matter of concentration, Babe. I've told you that before."
Dave looked at me and Larry. "Did y'all know this fucker can
actually have a climax without shooting cum? I've seen him do it. He
comes like five, six, seven times in maybe five minutes. I've had my cock
up his 15 years old sluts
ass when he's done it, and I could tell he was really coming. Not
faking. It's incredible."
"Is that true," Larry asked, looking at me.
"I don't know," I said in all honesty.
"He hasn't seen that side of me yet," Kevin said. "But, yeah, it's
true. I've got really good control, and every time I do it, each come is
stronger and harder and longer than the one before."
"One time this fucker actually passed out on me, he came so hard so
many times," Dave said.
Kevin drained his beer and said, "I don't know about you guys, but
I'm getting a little hungry. I know two boys who have some work to do, and
I think they better get started."
We picked up the trash around us, including the cigarette butts
we'd put out in the grass, put the boat away, packed the stuff back into
the car, and drove back to amature girls 12 years the house, still naked. We were supposed to cook steaks, baked potatoes, and salad. Kevin
started a fire in the grill on the terrace, and he and Dave stayed out
there while Larry and I went to work in the kitchen. I was working on the
salad--washing the lettuce, slicing tomatoes, chopping cucumbers, that kind
of shit. I was standing at the sink, and I was watching Kevin and Dave
through the kitchen window. Dave walked up to Kevin and gave him a long,
passionate kiss. The whole time they were clenched, though, Dave was
moving them toward the pool. Just at the right moment, he broke the kiss
and pushed Kevin in.
"That's it, fucker," Kevin screamed. "Your ass is mine, now."
"Maybe, maybe not," Dave screamed back.
Kevin got out of the pool and started chasing Dave. He grabbed him
from behind, and got him in a wrestling hold with his hands clasped behind
Dave's head. When he turned him around, I saw that Dave's cock was
standing tall. Kevin started thrusting against Dave's butt, like he was
fucking him. Dave broke away from that hold, though, and the two of them
were on the grass, rolling around, wrestling. 12 year old boys Kevin was hard, too.
I got so interested in the wrestling match, I forgot about what I
was doing. Larry noticed and came to stand next to me to watch the show.
It was nip and tuck. Kevin would get on top of Dave and hold him
down, then they would reverse positions. Finally, after about fifteen
minutes of pretty strenuous fighting, Kevin was on his back and Dave was on
top of him. sex 13years jpg They both looked exhausted, but Dave moved his hand down
between their crotches. In a second, Kevin groaned, and, apparently, Dave
entered him. Kevin girl 14 year naked bent his knees to give Dave more space. Larry and I
looked at each other incredulously. In a second, Dave started pumping.
"Oh, yeah. Fuck me, Babe," Kevin screamed.
And fuck him Dave did. It lasted a good ten minutes, and I could
tell petite 12 year old when they both came. After 15 years girls sex a minute or so, Dave pulled out and
started licking Kevin's cum off his stomach and chest. Then Dave got on
his knees behind Kevin and cleaned his asshole of his own cum. They ended
in a long, passionate kiss.
"Jesus," Larry said, "that'll give me jerk-off fantasies for
months. I almost came just watching them."
"Me, too," I said.
We looked at each other and both kind of smiled. Larry took my
hand and put it on his cock. I rubbed it a little; then he coaxed me down
to the floor of the kitchen and we sucked each other off in a sixty-nine.
When we finished, we both sighed loudly. We quickly got up, but it would
have been pretty obvious to a blind man what we had been doing. God, I
thought, the sex around here is more than I ever dreamed of.
"So when's the fuckin' dinner gonna be ready?" It was Dave's voice
entering the room, and Kevin was right behind him.
"I think these two jerk-offs have been busy watching us. What do
you think," Kevin asked with a sex years pedo devilish grin.
I'm sure I turned bright red. I mean, there we stood, still mostly
hard with wet dicks, and obviously not all that far along with dinner.
"Can't say that I blame them," Dave said. "It's not every day they
get to see a hot stud like me in action."
Larry and I kind of laughed an embarrassed laugh.
"Who wants a drink," Kevin asked, and the topic was dropped. Kevin made a large pitcher of martinis. I'd never had one before,
and I didn't expect to like it. The first taste was bitter and went down
hard, teens 12 years fucking but, after that first one, it started tasting good. We finally got
everything together around seven o'clock, and we ate on the terrace--or
patio, as they called it. I was rather surprised at how good it was,
considering I hadn't cooked more than three meals in my entire life until
that point. Larry had been in charge of the steaks and potatoes, and he
said he had had restaurant experience in high school. That's probably why
it was so good.
Kevin and Dave drank coffee after the meal. Then Kevin made us
after-dinner drinks. I had started getting a buzz before we ate, but the
food took care of that. After one drink, Larry and I cleaned up the dinner
mess, while Kevin and Dave sat out on the patio. We joined them after
fifteen minutes or so.
"My legs are tired," Kevin said, after Larry and I had settled down
with drinks. "I hadn't been skiing yet this year."
"Yeah, I'm a little stiff, too," Dave said.
"You're always stiff, horn dog," Kevin said. 14 years nude photo
We all laughed.
After a brief pause, Larry said, "I want to know more about you
being able to come without shooting. There was a rumor about a guy at
school this past year that he could do that, too."
"Was the guy from India," Kevin asked.
"Yeah. He was. How'd you know that?"
"I read about it. I was in a bookstore looking at the sex books,
of course, and I found one about guys having multiple orgasms. I bought it
and read it. I had done it a few times accidentally when I was jerking
off, but the book taught me how to do it whenever I want to," Kevin said.
"Fathers teach their sons how to do it in India. It's part of their
religion, or something."
"Well, that's some fuckin' book, man," Larry said, "and some
fucking religion. "How do you do it?"
"I can explain it, but it takes practice," Kevin said. "You have
to train the muscles that control your dick and the muscle that makes the
cum. It really doesn't come from your balls, you know. Only a very tiny
amount comes from your balls. It comes from a muscle inside you."
"Cum comes from your prostate, Kevin. I've told you that so many
times. If you weren't such a dumb fuck, you could remember prostate. And
it's a gland, not a muscle." Dave's tone was extremely sarcastic.
"Yes, sir, Mr. Browning, sir. Or should I say Mr. Fourteen-fifty
on the SAT?" Kevin matched Dave's tone.
"Wow! Fourteen-fifty ain't bad, man," Larry said. "What'd you
get, Kevin?"
"I'm only a junior," Kevin said.
"Oh, go ahead and fucking tell him, asshole. He got a 1560 when he
was 'only a junior.'"
"Whoooa," I said.
"Anyway, the book gave exercises you can do to strengthen the
muscles, and they let you control when you shoot."
"I gotta have that book," Larry said. I voiced my agreement.
"Browning's read it. Have 14year girl jpg
you done the exercises," Kevin asked
"A few times. I've been able to hold back a few times jerking off,
but never when I was fucking," Dave said.
"I can do something else that even Dave doesn't know about," Kevin
"What? The nipple thing?"
"No. You know about that." Dave had a nipple ring, too, in his
left nipple, that was similar to Kevin's. nude 16 year old I knew he hadn't gotten it with
the football team because he was going into his sophomore year of college.
He must have just liked it.
"What, then," Dave demanded.
"I'll show you." Kevin stood up. His penis was completely soft,
and the skin of his shaft hung down a good half inch or more over the head.
It was a magnificent sight, with those thick veins and all, but it wasn't
hard. As we watched, he started pumping muscles inside himself. In a
second, his cock started getting hard. He had both of his hands joined
behind his head. In no time, his cock was rock hard, and his precum
started making his foreskin slide back. He kept pumping the muscles inside
himself, and his cock bobbed up and down. He began thrusting his pelvis
slightly, like he was fucking, but that, plus the muscle movement inside,
was all he did. In five minutes or less he said, "I'm gonna come." His
whole body appeared to contract in a hard spasm, and he ejaculated.
We all carried on like he had just won an Olympic gold medal.
"You never told me you could do that," Dave said.
"You don't know every fucking thing about me. 14 years jpg
For instance, you
probably don't know I fucked your 16-year-old sex eight-year-old sister in her ass."
"You son of a bitch, if I thought you'd done that, I would fucking
kill you." Dave stood up and had taken a step or two toward Kevin, who
backed away. Dave's tone of voice was all venom, and teen sex 15 years
I really thought this
might lead to a real fight between them.
"Dave, man, I think he was kidding. Weren't you, Kevin?" Larry
was as nervous about this whole thing as I was.
Then Larry laughed. I looked at him like he was crazy.
"What's so funny," I asked.
"Dave doesn't have an eight-year-old sister. He's a fucking only
"Is that true, Dave," I asked.
"Yeah, it's under 14years sexpics
true. That's why I'm not going to kill him."
"Aw, fuck you guys," I said in disgust.
Kevin and Dave thought that was the funniest 14 years teens sex thing they'd ever
heard, and they laughed until tears came into their eyes.
I was embarrassed, but I saw the humor in it. Then Kevin did the
kind of thing that made me love him: he came over and gave me a kiss.
"I'm sorry, Matt. But the look on your face was really funny."
We all laughed at that.
"Have you guys pulled that stunt before," I asked.
"No, but I believe we'll be pulling it again sometime, if the
occasion presents itself," Dave said.
"Kevin, you really looked scared of him when he went toward you,"
Larry said.
"I was scared of him. First of all, he's crazy. And second, he's
so fucking dumb, I wasn't sure he'd remember he doesn't have a sister."
We all laughed. Even Dave. These guys were really hilarious, and
they seemed to be a perfect team.
We sat down with more drinks. Kevin, Larry, and I lit cigarettes.
Dave went for the box, but it was empty.
"I want a cigarette, too," he said in a pathetic little boy's
"Why don't you buy some. They do sell them, you know." That from
"Yes, they do," Dave explained in a very condescending voice. "But
I didn't buy any because I don't really smoke."
"You've smoked as long as I've known you, Dave," Larry said.
"That's right. In fact, guess who got me started," Kevin asked in
the same condescending tone. "Guess who put away a pack or more a day,
even when he was playing football?"
"Well, I do have a carton upstairs, but doesn't anyone (sigh), and
I really mean anyone, have a cigarette out here he can let me have."
Dave's tone was pleading. "I mean, it's such a little thing." His voice
was breaking, like he was about to cry. "I'd give you guys a smoke, if you
wanted one and were out. Hell, I'd even give you the last drag off my
own--if I had one, that is." Dave was actually sobbing, and real tears
were running down his face.
Kevin was ignoring the whole show. I reached for Kevin's pouch and
got out the second pack he had put in it that afternoon. I packed it down,
opened it, and offered one to Dave.
"Oh, thank you, Matt. Thank you so much. How can I ever repay
"A blowjob often works as well as a thank-you note," Kevin said
"You're right, for once," Dave said. He got down on his knees in
front of me, popped my cock into his mouth, and sucked me off. It felt
good, but I was completely blitzed by what was going on. Larry and Kevin
were watching, of course, and Larry was getting hard. I came in just a few
minutes, and Dave cleaned me off and returned to his seat. Then he lit up
his smoke.
"You know," Dave said, "as I was sucking his penis, I thought what
a wonderful idea the concept of 'giving' a blowjob really is. I bet if
Hallmark could figure out a way to create a blowjob card, they could
absolutely revolutionize the greeting card industry. I mean, you go to
your mailbox, open the envelope, and out comes a card that gives you a
blowjob right on the spot. 'Thanks for the great Christmas present, Dave,'
it might read. Or 'Happy Birthday, Grandson.' Stuff like that."
Larry and I were both laughing hard, but Kevin wasn't.
"Well, I don't think we'll see blowjob cards from Hallmark any time
soon, but I always give blowjobs as a way of saying thanks. For example,
last week I gave each of my masters blowjobs to say thanks for busting my
balls all year. I've never given the Head head, but I'm heading in that
Even Dave sex pics 15years smiled on that one.
"You nn 15-year-old non nude guys need to take this act on the road," I said.
"You mean and give blowjobs to everyone we meet," Dave asked.
Neither he nor Kevin had broken the mock-serious tone they were using.
"Well, not everyone, asshole. You can't really give a woman a
blowjob. But how would you know?"
"Smythe, apparently your mother never told you about our
encounters," Dave said.
"My mother is deceased, Browning. God rest her soul."
Larry and I both cringed and audibly registered our anguish at that
"And what do you think killed her," Dave asked.
"The doctor said breast cancer, 14 15 years porn but my dad and Denis and I have
often thought that seeing you naked could cause any woman to die of
This was getting very serious, I 17 year old naturist thought. What was next?
Dave was enjoying the hell out of this, though, and so was Kevin.
They both struggled to keep from laughing.
"You have insulted me beyond words, and I demand a repeat of this
afternoon's wrestling match. Then we'll see just precisely what my penis
is capable of. I'll show your ass who's the alpha male around this place.
To the mat!"
"Oh, is this for alpha male status," Kevin asked.
"You're fuckin' right, it is," Dave said.
"What the hell does that mean," I asked.
"If we declare someone alpha 14 years erotic girls
male, he gets to run the rest of the
weekend. And whenever we're together. He becomes the 15 years japan porn sexual king of this
little kingdom. He calls all the shots, and the rest of the guys have to
do what he says, regardless." Dave gave the explanation.
I wasn't sure what that meant, exactly, but it sounded like fun.
"I accept your ridiculous challenge, with one proviso," Kevin said.
"Oh, and what might that be?"
"That we lube up with oil. Everywhere."
"Uuuhhhhh, that sounds good," Dave said. "I should have thought of
"Wait just a second," I said. "Does this mean that the alpha male
has to be one of you guys? Why couldn't it be me? Or Larry?"
"He's got a point, Dave," Kevin said.
"Yeah, I guess you're right." Dave thought for a minute. "No
problem. We'll just do it by elimination. Whoever wins the first round
will take on the next challenger. We'll just keep fighting until somebody
has defeated everybody else. It could take all weekend." Dave 14years young girl sex grinned
"Another thing," I said, "Dave, you've already defeated Kevin.
Doesn't that automatically eliminate him." I expected Dave to agree, and I
was surprised when he didn't.
"No. That didn't count. We were just playing, and Kevin just
wanted a good fucking. He half tried."
This was beginning to sound like they were taking this pretty
seriously. I wondered what the full implications of being alpha male
really meant.
We went into the clubhouse. Dave and Kevin got out a vinyl
wrestling mat and set it in the middle of the room. Kevin went into what
must have been a pantry and came back with a large bottle of Wesson Oil.
He poured a good bit into a bowl. He had a couple of rags, too.
"I'm gonna set up the video camera," Kevin said. "Dave, go over
the rules with these guys."
"Well," Dave said, "Kevin and I will start. We'll be completely
oiled down, and we'll wrestle until one of us rapes the other one.
Penetration by itself doesn't count. You've actually got to fuck the other
guy, and come in his ass, to win. Like, if Kevin gets his cock up my ass,
but I break away, he hasn't won unless he shoots cum into me."
"Well, what if a guy shoots just from, you know, the friction and
contact and all? I guess that doesn't count," Larry said.
"That's right," Kevin responded. "But it's a hell of a lot of
fun." We all 14 year younger porno laughed.
"Have you guys done this before," I asked.
"No, but we've talked about it," Dave said. "I've always assumed I
was the alpha male, but. . . ."
"But tonight we'll fuckin' find out for sure," Kevin 13 year old teens continued.
Kevin got a tripod and a 16 years schoolgirls pics camcorder set up in a spot where he could
see the whole mat. He popped a tape in and turned the camcorder on. Then
he came over to where we were.
"Oh, and we're not out to hurt one another," Kevin continued. "No
body 10 years nude slamming or head dropping or that kind of shit. This ain't Saturday
afternoon TV rasslin'. This is the real thing, like in school or the
Olympics or something. Y'all got it?"
We said we did. Larry took one of the rags and started putting oil
all over Dave, and I did the same to Kevin. Kevin slicked back his
foreskin and had me generously oil the head of his cock. Both guys stayed
soft through that part of it. Then Kevin told us to pour some oil onto the
mat, which we did.
Kevin and Dave got in the middle of the mat, their bodies
glistening from the oil. They faced off in the traditional starting
position. Dave said, "On three. One. Two. Three." With that, the match
began. They were both all over each other in an instant, but the oil made
it hard for either of them to get a good hold on the other one. Dave took
Kevin down, and he got on top of him, holding him down, almost, in a
traditional pin. Kevin put on a burst of energy, though, and Dave slipped
right off.
Next, Kevin got his legs around Dave, and he started rubbing up and
down on him. I gathered Kevin was making porno 15teen years old himself hard. Dave's ass was in
no danger, so, while Kevin aroused himself, Dave worked his half-hard cock
into full erection with his hand. Once both guys were hard, the fun really
They rolled around 15 year nonude on the mat, getting more oil on themselves.
Kevin got Dave on his back, holding 12 years sex photo his arms down over his head and his
legs down with his knees. Then Kevin started thrusting. 15 years sex videos Dave struggled to
get free, but Kevin managed to keep him in place for a few moments. All of
a sudden, Dave screamed out, "Oh, fuck! I hate you, motherfucker!" I
thought maybe Kevin had entered him, but in a few seconds Dave broke free.
Then I saw what had happened. Kevin had made him come, and his erection
was starting to get soft. Kevin made a lunge for Dave, but he moved
quickly out of the way. Kevin laughed
"It ain't over yet, asshole," Dave said.
"It's just a matter of time," Kevin said, grinning at him. By now,
both boys were covered with a mixture of oil and sweat, and they were both
breathing hard.
Dave knocked Kevin over on his side and straddled him. He rubbed
up and down on Kevin, trying to make himself hard again. Kevin appeared to
let him do it for a minute or so, then he knocked Dave off him. Kevin let
Dave get up on his knees. Dave was harder, but he still wasn't fully
erect. Kevin circled behind Dave, as Dave tried to catch Kevin's legs to
pull him down. Dave's hand slipped off Kevin, and Kevin knocked Dave onto
his stomach. Kevin jumped on him, flattening him with his weight. Dave's
arms were both caught under his own body, but he struggled to get free,
nevertheless. Kevin was apparently too strong and too quick for that to do
much good. He pushed Dave's legs apart with his own, and, with lightening
speed, he shoved his cock into Dave's ass.
Kevin wasted no 15 year porn time. He started thrusting immediately. I noticed
Kevin tightening and loosening his ass muscles, and, in no more than ten or
fifteen shoves, he screamed out a loud uggghhhhhhh! Dave relaxed under
Kevin, and I knew that Kevin had defeated him.
They both looked exhausted, and they stayed hooked together for
several minutes. Suddenly, Dave started moving back and forth like he was
fucking Kevin. Kevin pulled his cock out of Dave and jumped up.
"Oh, 16 yearsold porn movie
no you don't, motherfucker," Kevin said. "You ain't gonna
make me come again." Kevin's cock had softened a little, but part of the
head was still visible. Kevin walked to the edge of the mat where Larry
and I were sitting, fully erect, and flopped down.
"Browning, gimme a smoke," he ordered. I expected Dave to tell him
to go fuck himself or something. Instead, Dave lit a cigarette and handed
it to Kevin. He lit one for himself, as well.
The cigarette seemed to revive Kevin. When he had finished it, he
looked at Larry and me and asked who was next. Larry and I looked at one
another. Dave and Kevin had really gone at it, and I wondered if I could
ever hope to beat him. Or if I wanted to.
Finally Larry said he would go next.
Dave oiled Larry, and I applied a little more to 16 years girl pics
Kevin. I noticed
that the oil didn't stick to him free new year porn as well that time because of the sweat,
but I did the best I could. I thought that might actually give Larry a bit
of an advantage, but there wasn't anything I could do about it.
Kevin and Larry squared off like he and Dave had done. Kevin
started playing with his foreskin, pulling it out past the tip of his
hard-on. Larry watched him do it, and Larry's cock got bigger and harder.
All of a sudden, it occurred to me what Kevin's strategy was. He was going
to try to get Larry so aroused that he'd come early in the match. That
way, Larry would have a harder time getting it into Kevin's ass.
Dave gave the signal, and they went at it. I could tell Larry
wasn't half the athlete Kevin was, and I strongly suspected Larry hadn't
done much wrestling before, if any. Kevin took him down immediately, but
he pulled away, allowing Larry to get back up. Kevin was still standing.
Larry got Kevin nude 14 years old in a headlock, but Kevin slipped right out of it in
an instant. Kevin grabbed Larry around the waist and lifted him off the
mat. I thought he was going to drop him on the floor, but I was wrong.
While Larry's ass was in the air, Kevin sixteen year porno shoved his cock into him. Larry
was so startled that he didn't react. While they were still standing,
Kevin grabbed Larry's dick and started jacking it. Larry quit putting up
any resistance at that point. At the same time, Kevin started thrusting
into his rectum. Neither boy lasted long, and they came at the same time,
amid much screaming.
Kevin pulled out of Larry and pushed him down to the mat. For a
second I thought Kevin was going to re-enter him. Instead, he walked over
to me. He stood in front of me, stroking his cock to make sure his hard-on
wouldn't disappear. My cock was already soaked with precum, and seeing him
do that only made it worse.
Kevin stuck out his hand to pull me up. "Next?"
"What the hell," I said. "I might as well. I could do with a good
ass fucking." Everybody laughed.
I didn't think I really had much of a chance of defeating him, but
I did have a few nude 16 years pron things going in my favor. First, Kevin was really tired,
not so much from fighting Larry, who was a piece of cake, but from his
first bout with Dave. Second, Kevin had just come twice in a very short
period of time, and I figured it would take him much longer to pump out
another load.
Larry and Dave oiled us down, and twinks 14 years we got into the starting
position. On Dave's signal, we began. I was a pretty good athlete, but my
sports were tennis and golf. I had some pretty nice muscle definition, but
Kevin had more bulk. He outweighed me by ten pounds or so. I was a few
inches shorter, which should have given me a little advantage, I thought.
The problem was, the last time 16 years nudist
I had wrestled anybody had been Kevin when
we were teen 12 year pussy eleven years old. Not only that, I didn't even go to school
wrestling matches, so I didn't know any of the moves.
In no time, Kevin had me on the mat on my side. He was behind 15 years russia porn me.
He had my arms pulled back behind my head and my legs immobilized in a
scissors hold. I felt his cock on my asshole, and, the 13-year-old girls upskirt
next thing I knew,
he was in me.
"I love you, Babe," he whispered into my ear. "I've been hot for
you all night."
It took him longer with me than it did with either Dave or Larry,
but he finally got off. I was so excited that I shot my load, too. Kevin
let my arms go and relaxed his hold on my legs.
"Don't get up," he said.
He stayed in me. "Now I'm really gonna fuck you," he said. porn 50 years He
started a slow thrust into me. Then he stopped.
"Browning, get over here and fuck me. Larry, get down and let Matt
fuck you." Dave moved into position right away, but Larry seemed a little
confused. In the commanding voice of what was now the undisputed alpha
male, Kevin shouted to Larry, "Do it now, boy!" Larry obeyed.
"All right," Kevin ordered. "Do it slow. And nobody comes until I
say so."
Larry's ass was tight, and I had to work into it gradually. Kevin
was thrusting deeply into me, and waves of pleasure were splashing over me
at both ends.
"All right. Stop. Larry, move behind Dave and fuck him." Larry
got up as told and got behind Dave. That pause helped me taper down a
little. We started fucking again in a minute, though, and I was soon back
up to a place close to coming. Kevin noticed and ordered me to fuck Larry.
We fucked some more. Then Kevin said he was ready for us to come.
"On ten. sex pics 15 years And keep the rhythm with my counting. One. Two. Three. Four.
Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten!"
All of us were beyond ready, and all 15 year pussy four of us 13 years old tits went into orgasm as
Kevin said ten. The feeling was incredible, and I imagined what this must
look like 40-year old virgin music on tape.
After a few minutes of recovery time, Kevin ordered us to pull
apart. By then, we were all soft as new-born babies, anyway.
Kevin handed out towels, and we all got as much of the oil and
sweat and cum off ourselves as we could.
"We'll take a shower in a little teens porno 15 years
while," Kevin said. "Right now,
you three clean up the mat but don't put it away." He walked over to the
bar, poured himself a drink, lit a cigarette, and sat down in an easy chair
to watch us.
Dave knew where the cleaning supplies were. He got a bucket and
mop, and he filled the bucket with detergent and very hot water. He told
Larry and me to wipe up as much of the oil, sweat, and cum as we could with
paper towels. We did that, then Dave mopped the mat. There was a little
oil on the floor where we had been sitting, so Dave mopped that, teen 15 years nude too. It
didn't take more than fifteen minutes to have the whole mess cleaned up.
Dave put the mop and bucket away. Then he joined the rest of us for
cigarettes and drinks.
"So what are we gonna do," Dave asked Kevin.
"I've been Thirteen year old breasts doing some thinking. How long can you guys stay here?"
"My mom's out of town for a week, and Larry's gonna be here all
summer. We don't have anything to do. We can hang out here until a week
from Monday." Dave and Kevin seemed to be communicating through their
"So that means we've got nine uninterrupted days, starting
tomorrow," Kevin said.
Dave's face lit up in a grin.
"So here's what we're gonna do. We'll all stay here. There's
plenty of food, and Brian can get whatever we need that we don't have. For
the next nine days, we're gonna have sex camp."
"All right," Dave shouted.
"Here are the rules. First, there are no rules when it comes to
sex. Wait, I take that back. No hurting each other. That's the only sex
rule. Second, we have as much sex as humanly possible. Third, we don't
put on a stitch of clothes until we're ready to leave. Or unless we decide
to go out somewhere. Fourth, you've gotta be funny and creative and
"Awesome," Larry said. "This could turn out to be the most
interesting week of my life."
"I know, dude. Kevin, I'm really glad I let you beat me," Dave
said. We laughed. Then he continued, "You forgot to say that we gotta do
what you say. That was the deal, man. The alpha male dominates the group,
sexually and every other way."
"Aw, come on, Dave," Kevin said.
"No, I mean it. Wasn't that the deal?" He looked at Larry and me
when he asked that question.
"That's the way I understood it," I said.
"Me, too," Larry added.
"Well, if you guys really want me to dominate, I will. I mean, I
can do that," Kevin said.
"That's the way it's gotta be, Kevin," Dave said. Larry and I
voiced our agreement.
"Well, let's get the hell cleaned up. I feel really nasty," Kevin
said. "Hit the showers, boys."
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