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Related post: other neurons (inhibitory), storage, etc., and by in-
creased resistance to " overflow currents " causing tem-
porary overcharging of motor axis-cylinders.
This conception of the anatornico-dynamie basis of
convulsive phenomena Dr. Langdon called the collateral
On this basis cases of epilepsy were classed under
three groups, each of which presented important dif-
ferences as regarded prognosis and treatment.
The primary, or developmental, type comprised the
idiopathic eases in patients under twenty years of age.
In these, the younger the subject and the better the
In redity and environment, the better the prognosis
under intelligent treatment. The ultimate result de-
pended on the possibility of promoting further and
equable development of collateral communications with
inhibitory mechanisms. The "accidental" forms wen'
due i" injury, syphilis, lead, toxincs. etc. The prognosis
here varied aOrder Suhagra Online surgical pathology of the blood
contains much that is new and which will be found to
be of the greatest clinical value. The same may be
said in regard to the chapter on cysts and tumors. It is
doubtful if any writer on this important subject has
been able to condense so much valuable information
into so small a space and at the same time present it in
so readable a form.
The chapters on syphilis, anaesthesia, fractures, and
dislocations are deserving of special mention, not only
on account of the able manner in which the subjects
are presented, but also on account of their commendable
It is to be regretted that the chapter on surgical
diagnosis was not more carefully written; although it Buy Cheap Suhagra
contains many useful suggestions, it is badly arranged,
badly expressed, and in several instances far from accu-

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