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Related post: rior cerebrals united to form a single trunk, and in 8 they united for a
short distance, six times replacing and twice accompanying the anterior
communicating. The posterior cerebral arteries were normal in 173
cases. The most common variety was derivation of one or both from Toprol Recall
the internal carotid, instead of the basilar. This Toprol 50mg occurred eleven times
on the right side, nine on the left, and four on both sides. There were
two posterior cerebral arteries on the same side in three cases, once on
the right, twice on the left. In each Buy Toprol Online the smaller was derived from the
basilar, the larger from the internal carotid. In 1 case a twig from the
posterior cerebral divided the third nerve into two portions, which after-
ward reunited. Aside from disparity in size, the posterior communi-
cating arteries were normal in 175 cases. Both were absent in 3 cases,
the right in '9, the left in 13. In the majority of these cases there
was a slight anastomosis in the interpeduncular space between twigs
from Buy Toprol Xl the basilar and the internal carotid. In 7 cases both arteries
were very small, in 28 the right was much larger than the left, in 16
the left was larger than the right. These variations of the posterior
communicating are particularized : 1. Both arteries springing from the
internal carotid, in the position normally occupied by the posterior
communicating, and passing to the under surface of the temporo-
sphenoidal lobe, where a few twigs anastomosed with twigs from the
posterior cerebral. 2. The left artery similar to the above ; the right
normal in position, but small. 3. No artery on the left side. 4. The
left artery a mere thread. 5. The left artery commenced at the ca-
rotid as a trunk of normal size, but gave off numerous branches, and
was reduced to a thread before it inosculated with the posterior cere-
bral. 6. The artery which represented the left posterior communicat-
ing, which was absent, passed backward beside the posterior cerebral,
shared its distribution, and slightly anastomosed with it.
It may be noticed that when one of the posterior communicating
arteries Toprol 100 Mg was smaller than the other, or absent, it was usually the left
side which suffered. Hence it may be inferred that in these cases the
supply of blood to the left side of the brain was less complete than
that to the right. If this is true, it negatives Lopressor Toprol Xl the theory that right-
handedness is due to a more complete vascular supply of the left
half of the brain. The same fact may in some cases explam the lodg-
ment of emboli in the left middle cerebral arteries rather than in the
Aug. 4, 1888.]
A vessel of unknown origin, as not examined at the time of Toprol Xl 100mg the
removal of the brain from the cranium, ran along the right side of the
pons to the right crus, along which it coursed, crossed to the right
optic tract, and terminated in the right Sylvian fissure by inosculation
with the middle cerebral artery. It communicated with the Toprol Xl 25mg right supe-
rior cerebellar artery, and, by a branch running across the middle of
the crus, with a branch from the end of the basilar, which probably
represented the posterior communicating, which otherwise was want-
ing. Before turning into the Sylvian fissure it gave off a branch which
passed in front of the optic commissure, and terminated in the Cheap Toprol ante-
rior fissure. The right posterior cerebral arose from the internal
Biders' Bone. — The development of bone in the tendons of the ad-
ductor muscle has been occasionally noticed in men habitually accus-
tomed to horseback riding, and has been attributed to injury in the
region of the adductors during violent action on horseback. Toprol Cost That this
is not the only cause is shown by a case recorded by Dr. Struthers
{ibid.), in which this bone developed on each side in the tendon of the
adductor longus of a Order Toprol Xl man who had been a foot-soldier for twenty-one
years and had never Toprol Online been to any great amount in the saddle.
The bone on each side was an Metoprolol Toprol Xl inch and a half long, three quar-
ters of an inch to one inch thick, and for the most part triangular.
The right bone articulated with a projecting platform at the angle of
the pubes by a diarthrodial joint. It was felt to be movable during
life. The left bone was Toprol Price fixed immovably to the pubes. The adductor
longus tendon was directly prolonged from the end of the bone, which
was flattened toward the tendon ; the fascia lata was attached to its in-
ner surface, the fore part of the gracilis to the inner posterior border,
the inner part of the pectinseus to the outer side, and a large part of the
adductor brevis to the posterior surface.
Variations in the Shape and Position of the Liver. — Symington
("Edinb. Med. Jour.," Feb., 1888) draws the following conclusions after
a careful investigation by means of frozen sections : Distension of the
stomach causes certain definite alterations in the shape and position of
the liver. The movement is complicated, but may be roughly described
as a rotation Toprol Xl 50 around a vertical axis passing through the inferior vena
cava. The left lobe and the anterior part of the right lobe undergo the
greatest displacement. The relations of the peritonaeum facilitate this
movement. Thus the anterior surface of the liver and the correspond,
ing part of the abdominal wall are covered by peritonsum, while the
left lateral and suspensory ligaments of the liver are long, mesentery-
like folds. When the stomach is empty the suspensory ligament is re-
• laxed and thrown into a number of folds ; as it fills, the anterior sur-
face of the liver glides over toward the right, and the ligament becomes
tense and tends to check excessive movement of the organ. The round
ligament and the left lateral ligament assist in confining its movements.
The vena cava and the Spigelian lobe are moved but little if at all. The

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