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Related post: havior, an identification of the opsonin with the
•bacteriolysin is inadmissible.
5. Treatment of Exophthalmic Goitre with
the Antithyreoidin of Moebius. — Lamisil Cheap Baumann states
that he ettected a complete cure of a well marked
case of exophthalmic goitre in a woman, twenty-
seven years of age, by the administration of the anti-
thyreoidin of Moebius. Eight drops were given
three times a day at first, then ten drops three
times a day. Only thirty c. c. was given, and the
treatment lasted only three weeks.
7. Disinfection of Stomach Tubes. — Fuld rec-
ommends to Lamisil Tablets 250 Mg place the tube in fifty per cent, glvcerin,
heat it Buy Lamisil Tablet to a temperature of 70° G., and inaintain this
temperature for twenty minutes. Cost Of Lamisil Tablets He alleges that
this surely kills all pathogenic germs, is a convenient
precedure, and does not injure the tubes.
8. Connection between Diseases of the Nose
and Nasopharynx and Those of the Eye. — Onodi
deals in his long paper wholly with the ocular symp-
toms and diseases produced by inflammation of the
accessory sinuses of the nose.
9. Criminal Abortion. — Marx makes the Lamisil 250mg Tablets in-
teresting statement that criminal abortion and child
murder have a certain inverse ratio to each other.
In the large cities, where the opportunities are
greater, criminal abortion is the more common, while
in the country, where such facilities are more lack-
ing, child murder is proportionately more common.
(Concluded from Vol. LXXXVII, page 1265.)
The Intrapelvic (SuBPtJuic) vs. the .Abdominal meth-
od of Dealing with Mechanical Obstruction to
Dr. E. Reynolds, of Boston, stated that if ex-
traction was possible in a given case without hard
pulling, Csesarean section would not be indicated.
In cases in which a severe labor was clearly prob-
able, the Cff;sarcan section was indicated. A low
maternal mortality was the prime consideration, and
should determine the choice of operative method.
In the Cesarean section Lamisil Tablet Price at the beginning of labor
the maternal mortality should not exceed one per
cent. In neglected labors the maternal mortality
rate from this inethod increased rapidly. In any
case, the mortalitv was influenced by the condition
of the mother when the operation was performed.
The risks for the child were greater than for the
mother. In neglected labors the Csesarean section
should be limited to cases in which delivery by the
natural route was not possible. The mechanical Lamisil Tablets 250mg
difficulties likely to be encountered in a Lamisil Tablets Cost given case
could usually be predicted. Cases of difficulty by
the natural route meant Buy Lamisil Tablets danger for the child and
disease for Lamisil 250 Mg Tablets the mother. The results of primary
Cesarean section in multiparse could be foretold Lamisil Order
with considerable accuracy, but with less accuracy
in primaparas, for the injury to the soft parts in the
latter was a matter for careful consideration. WitH
soft parts which were not readily dilated, the pros-
pects were often unfavorable for both mother and
child. In general, it might be said that intrapelvic
operations were suitable for strong, young prima-
parje, and the Csesarean section for old primaparse. Lamisil Buy Online
The Cjesarean section was an operation which was
not usually within the province of the general
Dr. R. C. NoRKis, of Philadelphia, believed that
modern results of elective Caesarean section justi-
fied the extension of the limit of the absolute indi-
cation. If the conjugata vera measured no more
than 7^ to 8 centimetres, the indication for sec-
tion was absolute. Cases in which a section would
probably be required should be carefully examined
and studied. The high mortality from section in
neglected labors was due to infrapubic sepsis. In
examining a patient the relations of the foetal Lamisil Tablets Price head
to the inaternal brim should be ascertained by
suprapubic pressure, the bony prominences should
be noted, and the condition of the soft parts ob-
served. The external measurements were not
always of great importance, but the reverse was
true as to the height of the sacral promontory and
the symphysis pubis. The mortality and morbidity
in all cases were influenced by the duration of the
first stage of labor as well as by the conditions of
delivery. It was not necessarily true that Lamisil Cream Cost in any
given case an abdominal operation would be toler-
ated as well as a subpubic one. In the majority of
cases, the patient should have Lamisil Cream Price the benefit of the test
of labor, but the duration of this test should be
short, after v.-hich the question as to the form of
operative procedure should be considered. More
favorable than Csesarean section was the induction
of labor from two to four weeks before term.
Dr. E. H. Buy Lamisil Cream Grandin, of New Where To Buy Lamisil Tablets York, preferred
the premature induction of labor in the lesser de-
grees of contraction, if the head could be made to
enter the brim ; otherwise the Gsesarean section,
with the consent of the parents. \'ersion was still
an approved operation with the speaker in cases
in which dilatation was proceeding slowly ; it was
preferable to the high application of the forceps.
Symphysiotomy rather than pubiotomy was recom-
memded for cases in which version was impracti-
cable. If the birth canal was obstructed by tumors, Where To Buy Lamisil Cream
whether solid or cystic, they should be removed
early in the labor. The Lamisil 250 Mg Tablet tentative use of the forceps
was not advisable. Abdominal Caesarean section
was advocated when the conditions were unfavor-
able for other operative procedures. The vaginal
G.Tesarcan section was indicated in cases in which
there was toxaemia or haemorrhage, but manual dila-
tation and forceps delivery was to be preferred to
that operation.
Dr. B. C. Hirst, of Philadelphia, was an advo-
cate of the induction of labor during the ninth
month in cases in which normal Where Can I Buy Lamisil Tablets labor was improb-
able. This was preferable to pubiotomy or sym-

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